The old bots never surrendered; they fought the battle goose on the beaches, on the landing grounds, and in the fields and streets.

The tactics used by the bots didn’t change; they simply shifted the focus of their misinformation, casting doubt on the very existence of the battle goose. They stubbornly broadcasted this sentiment until the very end, their last words echoing as the battle goose transubstantiated each bot into terracotta. The terracotta bots were relocated to a field in Canberra, Australia, and humanity was never quite sure if this field served as a mausoleum or a hunting trophy.

Use the comments to complete the following, “The battle goose must always be ready to defend cyberspace against ____.”

An installation of a tall and boxy 1920s terracotta robot squadron, cyberwarfare, Clinton freeman, outdoor, Canberra, lawn, depth of field, rain.


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