My name is Clinton Freeman, a software engineer who lives in Queensland, Australia. These days I mostly build technology for creative projects. Stuff like:

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Latest: Book Review - On Being An Artist

Picture of the cover of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

It doesn’t take long for Michael Craig-Martin to cite a major influence behind his book ‘On Being An Artist’. Rather than a single narrative, Michael has written a collection of vignettes, structuring ‘On Being An Artist’ in a similar way to ‘The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again)’. However Craig-Margin has filled each depiction with considerably more depth than the one-liners found in the Philosophy of Warhol.

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The following 'family tree' of influences is a bit of an advent calender, initialed names are my current research front. After I have found out as much as I can about the work of someone I admire, I write them a love letter. The initials of their influences get added and the family tree grows.

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