My name is Clinton Freeman, a software engineer who lives in Queensland, Australia. These days I mostly build technology for creative projects. Stuff like:

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I find writing helpful and share my articles on the off chance that they're useful to others. A complete list can be found in the directory, but here is a selection:

Latest: Home School Crash Course - Part 1

I know right? What a shitshow. But this article is not about that; the why. This is about the how. Because right now, you might be finding yourself in a situation where you are unexpectantly running a home school for your kids.

Now before we get into this, I need to make it clear: I’m no expert. I don’t have a degree in teaching and I have only been home schooling my daughter for four months. I’m new to this. Real new. Just like you. But being this fresh is going to be helpful. In the words of Michael Sweet and Larry K. Michaelsen:

A student who has who has just broken through a misconception into a clear understanding can still freshly recall the nature of that misconception, recognize it in his peers, and help them similarly advance

That’s just the academic way of saying “Yo, check out this sweet scar. Wanna hear how I got it?”

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