My name is Clinton Freeman, a software engineer who lives in Queensland, Australia. These days I mostly build technology for creative projects. Stuff like:

Clarity in Transit
Marsarium 9

I find writing helpful and share my articles on the off chance that they're useful to others. A complete article list can be found in the directory, but here are some of the more popular ones:

Latest: How do I improve the accuracy of a 2418 mini CNC mill?

I’m pretty happy with my 2418 mini CNC mill, it worked well and didn’t need any calibrating. It seems to be within about 0.5mm straight out of the box, impressive for something that only costs a few hundies. However, the most obvious improvement is reducing the amount of backlash or ‘webble wobbles’ out of the leadscrew. The ball-nut had a very loose fit and wriggles around before transferring power and moving the sliding components.

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3D Printing:

Raspberry Pi:


The above 'family tree' of influences is a bit of an advent calender, initialed names are my current research front. After I have found out as much as I can about the work of someone I admire, I write them a love letter. The initials of their influences get added and the family tree grows.

How can I contact you?

my-first-name@reprage.com Obviously, you’ll want to replace my-first-name with my actual first name.

I'm also on twitter and github.