My name is Clinton Freeman, a software engineer who lives in Queensland, Australia. These days I mostly build technology for creative projects. Stuff like:

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Latest: The Tyranny of Gravity

A few years ago, artists Sue Corke and Hagen Betzwieser created a work titled ‘A Touch of Home’. It’s an altered version of the ‘Earthrise’ photo that was captured during the Apollo 8 mission. Corke and Betzwieser made the moon appear to be infested with rabbits using a photo taken in South Australia in 1938. Alongside, they quote Thomas Austin, the English settler who introduced rabbits to Australia in 1859.

A photo of the artwork a touch of home installed in the science gallery in Dublin

I love it. After all, in 1859, the European colony in Australia was so far and remote from ‘mother’ England, that in today’s terms, it could have been on Mars.


The first British settlements in Australia were effectively the Martian outposts of the 18th and 19th century. It may seem outrageous but hear me out.

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