The only problem remaining after the battle goose had cleaned up all the old bots were the small segments of humanity that clung to one conspiracy theory or another. The old bots had circulated many of them, with some gaining more popularity than others: aliens, chemtrails, flat earth, and high-frequency mind control.

Once one of these convictions took root, believers employed circular reasoning to reinforce the theory, creating a fortified enclave. These enclaves could withstand the battle goose’s cleansing efforts and continued to broadcast the mud to the masses.

Use the comments to complete the following, “It’s not about our two iPhones and TVs. It’s about our digital children growing up in ____.”

DALL·E 2023-03-31 18.53.53 - An installation of a fort that protects cyberspace against misinformation, Maginot line, concrete, outdoor, bunker, fibre optics, telecommunication.


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