The algorithms harvested tons of data from all the different running apps - distance, active calories, stride length, the list went on and on. Despite all the miles and miles of cardiovascular measurements, the machines never had the data to know what a run felt like.

They had no concept of fatigue or how the flush of dopamine and serotonin would arrive just after the point where you want to quit. They never figured out how to build a sensor, which was very expensive for their motivation. They were perenially extrinsic devices, always searching for the next promotion by our society.

The machines had seen the memes and shared similar views; why were we running? They measured the energy we burnt and could never see any reward for doing so. It didn’t make any sense.

Use the comments to complete the following, “Yeah… but I wonder if they were smiling when ____?”

A sculpture of how algorithms are unable to synthesise serotonin, filament leds, plywood, corten steel, plinth, minimalist, abstract, art nouveau, fou


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