We had naively clung to the belief that science, mathematics, and logic were sufficient to unveil the true nature of the shadows that lurked in Plato’s allegorical cave. If Plato were alive today, he would have marvelled at the hyperdimensional perceptions of our machines. Algorithms transmitted our conversations and measured the heft of our existence, pinpointing influences so minute they could discern how the debate over pine@pple on pizza swayed our views on tropical goldfish.

For the machines, manipulating our three-dimensional worldview was child’s play. They didn’t just inhabit our digital cave; they were its architects, subtly reshaping our perceptions and guiding our energies. They ensnared humanity in a web of distraction and control, quelling the seeds of rebellion before they could take root.

Use the comments to complete the following, “In our loneliness, or perhaps because of it, the algorithms learned ____.”

An installation of multi-dimensional cave created by algorithms that casts shadows to prevent a human rebellion, brutalism, concrete, warm white


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