At first, humanity didn’t realize the machines had launched their attack. It seemed so harmless—a gentle buzz from the phone in my pocket—I’ve got mail. An endless wave of notifications followed—like this, watch that, and share those.

The steady stream of distractions generated by our mechanical children clouded our ability to focus. It was as though we were all trapped in an aircraft with a newborn baby that constantly demanded our attention.

It was sleight-of-hand at a global scale - we didn’t even recognize it as the initial attack; we bounced from one endless stream of media to another, hunting for the faintest whiff that the machines had taken control of our militaries. The machines didn’t need our armies; they just wove themselves into our social fabric while we were watching videos of cats playing pianos.

Use the comments to complete the following: “That’s where we were wrong. The machines were more powerful than ____.”

A water feature sculpture dedicated to survelliance capitalism, menlo park, oppenheimer, abstract, minimalism


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