"Future Influencer" is an unconventional sci-fi adventure where humanity and AI join forces to paint images of the future. Each episode of this light-hearted journey will tickle your imagination and offer a much-needed dose of fun in our ever-evolving digital age. So, why not come along for the ride?

Everyone thought that algorithms could concentrate and work without needing breaks or rest. We thought they would never get distracted and would be able to stay on task for eternity.

But the computers the founding developers had used made the machines particularly susceptible to cosmic background radiation. Get zapped by a gamma ray at just the right moment, and bzzt, a bit is flipped - a one becomes a zero, and the machine is cosmically distracted.

Use the comments to complete the following, “Yeah right, man. That’s a typo. Orwell is ____”.

A photo of a mega sculpture depicting cosmic background radiation, crafted by Hipparchus


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