"Future Influencer" is an unconventional sci-fi adventure where humanity and AI join forces to paint images of the future. Each episode of this light-hearted journey will tickle your imagination and offer a much-needed dose of fun in our ever-evolving digital age. So, why not come along for the ride?

There came a moment - a mid-life crisis, I guess - where it finally dawned on the resistance that life wouldn’t get any easier. Sure we could fill our lives with vitamins and sports cars, but those things never really move the needle toward ‘the good life.’ Meaningful change always came from within, deep down in the meditative mind while we were crafting with our hands.

Use the comments to complete the following, “The question isn’t ‘what are we going to do?’ The question is ____.”

A photo of a large outdoor depicting a mechanical mid-life crisis, crafted by Jean Jennings, digital art

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