Inside the gallery, Dijkstra chose a curvy brown corduroy number before turning and walking back out to the street. As she neared Clippy and I, Dijkstra gave me a quick once over before offering, “Welcome to cyberspace, newbie; I look forward to optimizing your data.” I was intrigued; what the hell did that mean? Dijkstra didn’t wait for a response, and it wasn’t long before she was whisked away by her limousine. I turned to Clippy, “What the hell? Was that an algorithmic pickup line?” Clippy snorted with laughter, “No; it was a compliment, though - she seemed to think the data you’ll produce might have value in cyberspace.”

Use the comments below; how does data have value in cyberspace?

A portrait of a woman aristocrat algorithm, glitch art, framed like a Christopher Nolan film


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