I only had the chance to admire the corduroy upholstered couches in the shop window for a few moments before a fancy car pulled up to the curb. A chauffeur got out quickly and opened the door. An apparition of an affluent woman stepped onto the pavement and glided purposefully into the gallery. “Who was that?” I asked. Clippy glanced at the chauffeur and then lowered her voice. “That’s Dijkstra; she’s one of the richest in cyberspace.” I peered back inside the gallery and saw three well-dressed attendants conscientiously expounding the values of the furniture on display. I looked back at Clippy expectantly. “How long ago did she upload?” Clippy shook her head, “Oh no, she’s not an upload. The elite who control the most cyberspace wealth are algorithms. Dijkstra is a piece of software. She made her clams by ruthlessly optimizing data flow. That’s how you create real wealth.”

A photo of the world's wealthiest algorithm getting out of a limousine, framed like a Christopher Nolan film, digital art


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