I thoughtfully crunched my way through the next mouthful of cereal while gazing out the window onto the busy city street. A van pulled up outside, and two men started unloading clams onto a trolley. I started, “Hey, is that -” but before I could finish my question, Clippy cut in, “Armored car for clams? Yes it is.”

I paused and looked at my barren aquarium sack, then at my bowl of cereal, back to my empty hardware wallet, and finally over to the armored car. “Hey, do you think we could -” Again, before I could finish, Clippy interjected, “Don’t you dare turn this into a heist film; we are NOT robbing armored clam transport. There are much easier ways to earn a clam or two. Plus, you need to know that one whisper from me into this -” Clippy tapped her shoulder where a lapel mic would be “- and the cyberspace immune system gets activated, and you’ll be stuck fast by giant lymphocytes.” I slumped back in my chair and lowered my tone. “Alright, smarty pants, how am I going to pay for breakfast? I don’t have any clams.”

Use the comments below; how do we pay for breakfast?

photo of an security van with built in aquarium tanks, pumps, pressure gauges and pipes. Driving down a rainy street, framed like a Quentin Tarantin


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