Before I could ask my next question, Clippy had started bounding down the sidewalk. When we got to the corner of the block, Clippy ushered me inside a New York-style diner. Sitting at a window booth looking out onto the street, I looked around for the wait staff. Clippy smirked when a small mechanical octopus climbed onto our table and started fixing me a bowl of cereal.

It took a lot of effort to maintain my composure and remain calm. When the octopus started spraying milk into my bowl, I did jump a little. But the service was fast; before I realized what was happening, the octopus had climbed off the table, and I was left staring at a bowl of cereal and milk.

Clippy’s laugh snapped me out of my reverie, and she asked, “What? Aren’t you going to eat your cereal? It’s got the floating point operations that uploads crave.”

My belly grumbled as I tentatively lifted the spoon to my mouth.

A mechanical octopus that dispenses breakfast cereal, framed as a Spike Lee film


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