LEGO SpaceX Orbcomm2 payload

This is SpaceX’s Orbcomm2 payload in LEGO and is a companion model to the Falcon 9 first stage rocket. This payload was launched into low Earth orbit and features:

  • 11 second-generation OG2 satellites.
  • Mass simulator for balancing the payload.
  • The second stage and merlin vacuum engine.
  • Approx 1:124 scale (~21cm tall).


Step by step instructions for building a LEGO SpaceX Orbcomm2 payload
Quantity Color Description Bricklink LEGO Element ID*
Lego plate 2x2 round 7 Dark Stone Grey Plate 2x2 Round 4032 4211042
Lego slide shoe 2x2 1 Brick Yellow Slide Shoe 2x2 2654 4278422
Lego Plate 4x4 Round W. Snap 3 Medium Stone Grey Plate 4x4 Round W. Snap 60474 4515351
Lego Brick 4x4 Rround W. Ø4.9 W. KL. White 1 White Brick 4x4 Rround W. Ø4.9 W. KL. 87081 4558956
Lego Brick 1x1 W. 1 KNOB 12 Medium Stone Grey Brick 1x1 W. 1 KNOB 87087 4558953
Lego Brick 1x1 11 Bright Orange Brick 1x1 3005 4173805
Lego Flat tile 1x1 12 White Flat tile 1x1 3070b 307001
Lego Brick 1x1 1 Medium Stone Grey Brick 1x1 3005 4211389
Lego Cone 2x2x2 1 Dark Stone Grey Cone 2x2x2 3942c n/a
Lego Wall Element, Round 5x4x2 2 White Wall Element, Round 5x4x2 85941 n/a
Lego Brick Ø16 W. Cross 2 Dark Stone Grey Brick Ø16 W. Cross 3941 n/a
Lego flat tile 2x2 round 1 Dark Stone Grey Flat Tile 2x2 Round 4150 n/a
Wall El. Round 3x6x10 2 White Wall Element, Round 3x6x10 92591 n/a
Lego Dome Ø32 1 White Dome Ø32 86500 n/a

How to purchase parts:

Complete kits can be purchased from the RepRage convenience store.

Alternatively you could source components individually. Parts with a ‘LEGO Element ID’ listed above can be purchased directly from LEGO:

  • Click ‘Bricks’
  • Select ‘Pick a Brick’
  • Search by ‘Element ID’ in the Advanced search box.

The parts with ‘n/a’ as the Element ID can be purchased from collectors. Bricklink is ebay for LEGO pieces, collectors have stores that sell used LEGO parts. The trick is to try and get as many of the parts from as few stores as possible (to save on shipping costs).

Custom Decals:

Using a decent ink jet printer, these decals can be printed on Avery 53203 decal paper. Multiples of each fit on a single sheet, allowance for any mistakes. These decals were assembled from photos, logos and the AXM paper models. You will need to trim the decals to size. The capsule decals are easier to fit if they are first cut into sections.

Download as:

How to support this project:

  • Donate a few bucks.
  • Hit me up in the comments below with model ideas and improvements.
  • If you build one, send a picture!



  • Original construction techniques inspired by the LEGO set Space Port 60080.
  • An anonymous SpaceX employee for suggestions on landing leg and Vacuum Merlin engine improvements.
  • teamfatkid for assembling the decal sheet.


  • 2019/02/27 - Removed link to the defunct LEGO ideas project
  • 2019/02/21 - Added link for purchasing complete parts kits.
  • 2017/07/28 - Added details for printing decals.


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