Close up of lego falcon 9 hypersonic grid fins.
Close up of lego falcon 9 landing legs
Close up of lego falcon 9 merlin engines in the octaweb
Close up of lego falcon 9 full launch vehicle next to tape measure.

This is SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket in LEGO. The model featured above is based on the first rocket that SpaceX successfully landed (Flight 20, Orbcomm OG2 M2), it has:

  • Deployable hypersonic grid fins.
  • Deployable landing legs.
  • Nine Merlin engines in an ‘octaweb’ alignment.
  • Approx 1:124 scale (~40cm tall)
  • SpaceX livery in custom decals.


Step by step instructions for building a LEGO SpaceX Falcon 9.
Quantity Color Description Bricklink LEGO Element ID*
Lego Plate 2x2 1 Black Plate 2x2 3022 302226
Lego Plate 1x2x2 Black 4 Black Plate 1x2x2 2420 242026
Lego Plate 4x4 Round W. Snap 2 Black Plate 4x4 Round W. Snap 60474 4515350
Lego Plate 1x2 W. Stub/Vertical, Black 4 Black Plate 1x2 W. Stub/Vertical 44567 4185620
Lego Plate 2x2 1 White Plate 2x2 3022 302201
Lego Plate 4x4 Round W. Snap 5 Medium Stone Grey Plate 4x4 Round W. Snap 60474 4515351
Lego Brick 4x4 Rround W. Ø4.9 W. KL. White 6 White Brick 4x4 Rround W. Ø4.9 W. KL. 87081 4558956
Lego Connector Peg W. Knob 4 Medium Stone Grey Connector Peg W. Knob 4274 4211483
Lego Brick Ø16 W. Cross 5 Reddish Brown Profile Brick Ø15.83 W. Cross 92947 6036503
Lego Plate 1x2 W. Stick 3.18, White 4 White Plate 1x2 W. Stick 2540 4140583
Lego Flag W. Two Holders, White 4 White Flag W. Two Holders 2335 6011794
Lego Flat Tile 1x2 White 4 Medium Stone Grey Flat Tile 1x2 3069b 4211414
Lego Plate 1x1 W. Up right holder, Black 4 Black Plate 1x1 W. Up right holder 2555 6066102
Lego Plate 1x2 W. Shaft Ø3.2 8 Black Plate 1x2 W. Shaft Ø3.2 60478 4515368
Lego Plate 1x1 Black 4 Black Plate 1x1 3024 302426
Lego Flat Tile 1x6 black 4 Black Flat Tile 1x6 6636 663626
Lego Plate 1x2 Black 4 Black Plate 1x2 3023 302326
Lego Plate 1x1 W. holder vertical, Black 4 Black Plate 1x1 W. Up holder vertical 61252 4517925
Lego Nose Cone Small 1x1 9 Dark Stone Grey Nose Cone Small 1x1 4589 4529240
Lego Technic Brick 4x4 Round 1 White Technic Brick 4x4 Round 6222 n/a
Lego Cross Axle 32M, Black 1 Black Cross Axle 32M 50450 n/a
Lego Wall Element, Round 5x4x2 12 White Wall Element, Round 5x4x2 85941 n/a
Lego Flap 2x8 Friction/Fork, White 4 White Flap 2x8 Friction/Fork 30407 n/a

How to purchase parts:

You can source components individually. Parts with a ‘LEGO Element ID’ listed above can be purchased directly from LEGO:

  • Click ‘Bricks’
  • Select ‘Pick a Brick’
  • Search by ‘Element ID’ in the Advanced search box.

The parts with ‘n/a’ as the Element ID can be purchased from collectors. Bricklink is ebay for LEGO pieces, collectors have stores that sell used LEGO parts. The trick is to try and get as many of the parts from as few stores as possible (to save on shipping costs).

Payload Models:

LEGO SpaceX Orbcomm2
LEGO SpaceX Dragon Capsule
LEGO SpaceX Dragon V2 Capsule

Drone Ship Model:

lego spacex spaceport Autonomous drone ship
Close up of lego flags flying on SpaceX autonomous spaceport drone ship

Custom Decals:

Using a decent ink jet printer, these decals can be printed on Avery 53203 decal paper. Multiples of each fit on a single sheet, allowance for any mistakes. These decals were assembled from photos, logos and the AXM paper models. You will need to trim the decals to size. The capsule decals are easier to fit if they are first cut into sections.

Download as:

How to support this project:

  • Donate a few bucks so that I can build more of this stuff.
  • Hit me up in the comments below with model ideas and improvements.
  • If you build one, send a picture!



  • Original construction techniques inspired by the LEGO set Space Port 60080.
  • An anonymous SpaceX employee for suggestions on landing leg and Vacuum Merlin engine improvements.
  • Bryan T for the Brickstock file.
  • teamfatkid for assembling the decal sheet.


  • 2019/02/27 - Removed link to the defunct LEGO ideas project
  • 2019/02/21 - Added link for purchasing complete parts kits.
  • 2017/07/28 - Added details for printing decals.
  • 2017/06/03 - Split payloads off into seperate files.
  • 2016/05/31 - Added material lists for all stage2 variants. Updated stage1 landing legs.
  • 2016/06/09 - Added brickstock file to make ordering parts easier.
  • 2016/06/20 - Strengthened first stage core. Firmer merlin engine attachments. Dragon2 fin improvements.
  • 2016/08/09 - Added LXF (lego digital designer) file download link.


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