Whoah! I landed all three stickers this month. I think I need to come up with an equally awesome reward.


spongebob Sticker.

This month was a bit of a deviation from the usual monastic experience projects. ‘This is Capital City’ was a collaboration with ‘counterpilot’. An interactive theatre performance that has been in the making for over twelve months. Here, the audience carried a phone that played narrative at various places around the Brisbane Powerhouse. I used Estimote iBeacons for indoor positioning, this worked better than earlier GPS versions. I also coded up a system for mixing soundtracks live, based on the position of the participant. More details (and source code), here.

Photo of a man silhouetted in a doorway.


scrooge mcduck sticker.

I was wandering around a local library up here in Cairns, a little forlorn. I had realised how spoiled I was for library access in Brisbane. UQ Library, State library of Queensland, even our little local library 5 minutes walk around the corner. When suddenly a wild Tufte appeared. I was so excited I may have even yelled Whoo!

Visual Explanations by Edward R. Tufte had been in my reading list for a long time. It is excellent. The layout mirrors what you would find in a book on art, rather than a science or statistics book. The two opening chapters were the best. The first showing how spatial data located the cause of the 1854 Cholera epidemic. The second showing how the misrepresentation of data led to the Challenger shuttle tragedy.


Scooby doo sticker.

Manage to scrape out another 52.6kms for October. But it is getting hard, we have entered the monsoonal ‘build up’. Humidity and heat are really ramping up. That haze on the mountains below? It is just going to get thicker and thicker till I am running my way through thick soupy air.

Taken from the Cairns sea wall, across the mudflat north toward the airport.


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