This is Capital City was a site specific theatre performance created by Sandra Carluccio. Audience members were navigated by an Android based mobile phone application that would trigger sound at different GPS and time based triggers.

Source code:


  • Director: Sandra Carluccio

  • Writers: Toby Martin and Claire Jarvis

  • Sound designer: Mike Willmett

  • Software developed in collaboration with Luke Atherton

  • Video: Claire Jarvis, Nathan Sibthorpe and Mike Willmett

  • Lady Musk: Gretchen Johnson & Courtney Stewart

  • Chauvel: Christos Mourtzakis & José Gonda

  • Piotr: Stephen Sadler

  • The Child: Kylie Stephenson & Elle Mickel

  • The Duke of York: Robert John Millett & Cameron Clark

  • Gona the Bouncer: Malua Fa’aleava

  • Voice Artists: Sandra Carluccio, Toby Martin, Matthew O’Neill, Stephen Sadler, Jonathan Sri, Kylie Stephenson and Daniel Viles.

  • Invigilators: Chris Batkin, Meaghan Donaldson, Belinda Hammond, Carmen Juarez, Tara Kingi, Joel Lago, Georgia Lejeune, Amber Leigh Webb-Lord and Kaitlyn Woods.


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