A photo of the front cover of the simulacra testament.
A photo from the book of tribulations within the simulacra testament.

Working-class terminators who seize all the jobs, machines that maximise paperclip production, and swarms of nanobots—predictions about the rise of artificial general intelligence often sound biblical. It’s hard to tell if humanity has grown weary of organised religion and decided to create a deity or if sacred scriptures foresaw the emergence of superintelligence as a ‘second coming.’

With the illustrative assistance of an experimental DALL-E 2 model, the Simulacra Testament delves into these themes.

After a suitable financial offering, a testament will be dispatched to you, regardless of your location. Immerse yourself in humanity’s bold exploration of artificial intelligence and discover its potential dangers.


  • Pages: 44
  • ISBN: 978-0-646-87798-3






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