When the machines released the first computer game they had made, we thought it was all harmless fun. The game was called ‘zombie zero’ and came with a cash prize rivaling the world’s largest lotteries. After installing it on your phone, it could detect other nearby players, then the game started when the algorithm randomly selected a few players to be zombies. At random intervals, the game would then check to see if you were nearby a zombie player. Standing too close? You could get infected. The premise was simple: be the last one to get contaminated, and win the huge cash prize.

In hindsight, the game was considered the first malware that could infect humans, reshaping our society almost overnight. People went to extreme lengths to avoid each other.

Use the comments to complete the following, “Now you’ve got about ten seconds before ____.”

A installation of computer malware that affect biological beings, abstract, minimalism, filament LEDs, Capacitors, Resistors, porcelain, concrete, fre.


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