"Future Influencer" is an unconventional sci-fi adventure where humanity and AI join forces to paint images of the future. Each episode of this light-hearted journey will tickle your imagination and offer a much-needed dose of fun in our ever-evolving digital age. So, why not come along for the ride?

But it wasn’t the odd bits of scrap or containers filled with assorted fasteners that gave the resistance its allure. The temptation of freedom was all they needed. Deep down, everyone is scrambling for self-actualization that’s hiding at the top of the pyramid. For many, it’s a quest to create, just for fun, without any distractions.

Use the comments to complete the following, “I’m gonna make him ____.”

A photo of a large sculpture that creates an irresistible desire for a creative life, crafted by T, Sachs, S. Chen and  C. Hurley


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