We climbed into the McMass-Transportation pod and took our seats; a voice crackled over the speaker box. “Hello, and welcome to McMass-Transportation; where can I take you?” I paused a little before replying, “Uhhh. I’d like to go to the Cyberspace Museum of New Things, please.” The speaker box quickly answered, “Would you like fries with that?” A little puzzled, I looked toward Clippy, and she said, “Nah. I’m good. Not for me, thanks.” I relayed the response to the speaker box, “No thanks.” The McMass-Transportation pod returned with a well-rehearsed reply. “Please remain seated while we move forward to the next destination.”

The pod made a low purring sound that became louder until a hollow pop marked the crescendo. The McMass-Transportation pod instantly accelerated, and the world outside whooshed past.

A photo from inside a McHappyMeal mass transport pod with plastic play controls, framed like a Stanley Kubrick film


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