Clippy looked at me, “Speaking of day jobs; you’re almost late for yours.” I rolled my eyes. “A job? But I haven’t applied for anything.” Clippy gave me a stern look, “The cyber-state assigns all new uploads a day job till they find something better. It’s a decent job; algorithms assign you the perfect entry-level job based on your personality traits.” I must have accidentally raised a skeptical eyebrow because Clippy immediately clarified: “Your job is a janitor at the ‘Cyberspace museum of New Things.’

I was outraged; what the hell is this? What is the point of digital immortality in a place like this? I raised my voice. “Get stuffed. Cleaning public toilets?” Clippy was confused, “Oi, pull your head in; the cyber-state has provided you with a bed and breakfast. You need to work for it - U.S. General George S. Patton had to shovel shit in Louisiana, and the American sculptor Tom Sachs had to clean restrooms before his break. Plus, don’t whinge; you only have to clean ONE toilet.”

Use the comments below; do we deliberately slack off and turn up late for work?

First person view of two hands in yellow gloves a urinal by Marcel Duchamp in a gallery


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