"Future Influencer" is an unconventional sci-fi adventure where humanity and AI join forces to paint images of the future. Each episode of this light-hearted journey will tickle your imagination and offer a much-needed dose of fun in our ever-evolving digital age. So, why not come along for the ride?

Dreams in cyberspace were nothing like I’ve experienced before; they had none of the usual tropes of flying, falling, or getting chased. Instead, I casually walked through a series of mid-century landscapes. However, this time they were carved out of mathematical concepts - trigonometry, Fourier transforms, complex numbers, differential equations - all the stuff that does the heavy lifting for engineers. Walking through a differential equation was surreal; I forgot all the logical elements and experienced them instead. Rather than: “look over there, that’s an independent variable,” it was more like: “hey, that derivative feels partial,” like the winter sun through a window feels warm.

A 60s travel poster for Fourier transforms, digital art


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