“My greatest desire? Love, but right now? I really could do with a nap. I’m exhausted,” I explained. “As for the cyber-state, I guess I could vote and help shape it. Oh, and I’m not a bot - shenanigans.” The attendant tapped a few keys on her terminal and then looked up, “Pass. Here is your revenue storage system.” She handed over what looked like one of those plastic bags you get for fish from the pet store - except it had a metal frame for a handle, along with a pump and pressure gauge.

I thanked the attendant, and next to me, Clippy let out a sigh of relief. “I thought you had blown it with that stuff about voting. Algorithms optimize social systems in the cyber-state; elections are more like a bit of ceremony here.”

We turned and headed toward the door.

A plastic aquarium bag held in a wire metal frame with a pressure gauge and pump, frame like a Wes Anderson film


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