"Future Influencer" is an unconventional sci-fi adventure where humanity and AI join forces to paint images of the future. Each episode of this light-hearted journey will tickle your imagination and offer a much-needed dose of fun in our ever-evolving digital age. So, why not come along for the ride?

A large crowd filled the Department of Revenue Storage. Elevator music permeated the space while everyone was queueing for their turn at the kiosk. Some looked annoyed by the wait, but it didn’t seem so bad to me; at least the queue was moving, not to mention the promise of a free hardware wallet.

But I hadn’t expected to see children, and I realized that this was the first time I had seen a child in cyberspace. I was just about to ask Clippy when a man and his son joined the queue behind us. The man smiled and asked, “What’s your daughter’s name?” Stunned, I looked blankly at the man. What daughter? Then before I could say anything, his son started making a sound. “Psshh-kaking-ch-ding-ding”

What the hell? The old modem sound from the early internet?

A 35MM photograph of a queue of tall people with small children, inside a cyberpunk bank, framed like a Christopher Nolan film


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