The robotic priest continued, ‘If you’d like to enter Tattersall’s raffle, take the stairs to the left and descend to the crypt. There you will meet the creator.’

I needed reassurance before going into this robot’s dungeon, ‘Then what happens?’

The robotic priest elaborated with his metallic voice, ‘You only get one entry, and there is a chance you win all your desires, but also a chance you’ll lose everything.’

Lose everything? Is that fatal? What happens when you die in cyberspace? Like, pull the power or something? I had many questions, but all I could mumble was, ‘What are the odds?’

The robot priest replied, ‘It depends on how you have lived your life.’ Then he slumped a little as he shifted into power-saving mode, his arm still pointing to the stairs on the left.

A photograph of Stairs down to a cathedral crypt with lots of wires and duct work and warm white light radiating from the bottom + framed like a Stanley Kubrick film.


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