In 2016 Walt’s company stopped making Disney Dollars, but don’t worry. If you have a stash of them, they’re still accepted at Disneyland for Mickey ears, snacks, or whatever. The whole thing is incredible because Disney Dollars are now a currency with a fixed supply - just like Bitcoin.

Woah. Hear me out, cryptocurrency fans, don’t rage quit. I’m HODLing over here as well; it’s just that my relationship with our new digital cash is a little complicated.

This fixed Disney Dollar thing got me wondering, how much are they ‘worth’? So I fired up flea bay and discovered that a 50 dollar note from Scrooge McDuck will set you back about US$2000. Yup, Disney Dollars went to the moon, my friends.

Let’s flip this analogy on its head; crypto feels more like a computer game to me, some sort of arts-Monopoly, and it’s fun. Super fun.

So I write tiny computer programs that generate pictures, and every now and then, someone comes along buys one with crypto. Whoo! Community Chest, 2nd prize in a beauty contest - collect 0.01. The ‘feels like a game’ thing is helped along by naivety; I only really know how to use cryptocurrency to buy jpegs. Whoops, I landed on this picture of an algorithmically generated flower - that’ll be 0.02.

This arts-Monopoly thing pushes my relationship with work and money towards the happiest place on Earth, a Disneyland.

A photo of a currency exchange painting by Tom Sachs.

Photos: Arthur Carpentier

Originally written for the Sachsian Syndicate.

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