Australia still has its drawbridge up and is hiding from this ‘thing’ from behind our oceanic moat. It’s next to impossible to get out of Australia right now; to even see the handful of flights that are still operating for essential services requires special permission.

Like many others, travel and other restrictions effectively put us on Mars. There is no way we can get to Hamburg to be at Space Program Four in person. But we can borrow a leaf from the JPL playbook and use social media as a rover to explore Deichtorhallen in Hamburg. And instead of sending just one rover, we’ll have many. Everyone who attends with a phone and Instagram account will be able to relay their discoveries to people at home with #TomSachsHamburg

Take this sculpture of NASA’s Sojourner rover, that was on display at the Park Avenue Armoury in 2012. It would have vanished into the ether and become a digital ghost if it weren’t for @karlhab. I’m yet to find another photo of this anywhere, thank you Karl.

We’ll also be able to crowd around our computers and tune into any studio broadcasts of the demonstration. The official accounts to keep an eye on are:

@tomsachs @spaceprogram4 @tsrocketfactory

This link will take you to Tom’s Discord server and from there you’ll be able to find the studio’s Twitter accounts. For all of us watching from home, we gonna cyber-party like it’s 1969.

A photo of the sojourner rover sculptureconstructed by Tom Sachs.

Photo: Karl Hab

Originally written for the Sachsian Syndicate.

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