The original NFTs are antiquated, polluting machines that are like those old hand-cranked cars. The whole system uses a lot of complicated maths and fancy computers to deliver that slick JPG to your digital pocket. Värdemaskin introduces a revolutionary new approach that ditches most of the maths and computers to deliver NFTs that don’t cost the Earth. Secured by Proof of Swedish Labour, our NFTs are protected by the finest random numbers that can be made by flipping a coin.

We’ve worked hard to preserve the original Utopian promise of NFTs – that we’ll all get rich and be able to live out our wildest Bernie Madoff and Jordan Belfort fantasies. So today, we’re proud to announce our pricing structure – the very first NFT produced by Värdemasikin only costs $10.41. We’ll accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The cost of the second NFT is double the first, coming in at $20.83. The cost of the third NFT doubles again to $41.66. That first person who paid the ground floor price of ten bucks now has a NFT that is worth more than forty!

Some might call this a “pyramid scam” and to those doubters we say this: It’s not a Ponzi scheme as long as everyone believes in it… just like inflation.


When you purchase heirloom Swedish Labour from Värdemaskin, it comes with an analogue NFT certificate that proves you are the owner of one random number. It’s printed on permanent parchment that’s been certified by the National Archive of Australia to be usable for more than 500 years.

A picture of an analogue NFT certificate for a random number.

Once Värdemaskin has been used to mint seven NFTs, items in an inventory of rare collectables are unlocked and become available for purchase.

A chart of six Värdemasikin rare collectables.

The final rare item in the collection is Värdemaskin itself and will be available for $666.66. The lucky owner will have all the tools they need to print their own money… I mean “mint their own NFT’s”.

In Chance We Trust

These tokens will go for sale on Instagram on a first comment, first sold basis. All sales are final. We do not offer cancellations or refunds.

About the Founders

Anders Delbom is a Swedish cabinet maker and sculptor. Straw, metal, leather; Anders will work with whatever materials he can get his hands on. The products of his labour are coveted worldwide, with his sculpture commissioned into private collections and displayed in galleries alongside world renown artists. Anders is often found cycling around his hometown of Avesta with a sheet of plywood loaded onto the front of his cargo bike. Instagram.

Clinton Freeman is an experimental artist who creates mixed media objects. He draws upon experience gained as a classically trained software engineer to create interactive works that explore the blurry frontiers of science. By imbuing software and electronics with the warmth of our analogue past, he creates technology that is less machine and more human. Instagram


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