This black box is Tom’s Delinquency Chamber – it’s got a fridge, ventilation, gaming systems and a stereo. Need an escape from the apocalypse of adulthood? Lock yourself inside Tom’s bunker, play some Grand Theft Auto and indulge in adolescence.

Most days I live for lunch-break; my day job as a stay-at-home dad is an exhausting barrage of interruptions and questions. I find sharing my concentration and headspace with two small people tiring. But when the kids are busy eating lunch? That’s my chance for escape.

Using the clatter of cutlery as cover, I sneak off and hide in the pantry. I’ll have at least five minutes where I know my thoughts are entirely mine and won’t be interrupted. I have slipped into my own delinquency chamber to eat muesli bars and daydream. Most of that time is spent thinking about Tom’s bunker and the pantry modifications that would make the most of a five-minute break from adulthood.

Finally! The chance to ditch my own responsibilities and indulge in adolescence… Until the inevitable ‘DaaaAAAaaad!’ rings out from the kitchen.

Three pictures of Tom's delinquency chamber. The outside, the door open and inside.

Photo: Tom Sachs

Originally written for the Sachsian Syndicate.

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