Not Fucking Tokens (NFTs) are the hot new thing in art. Collectors from around the world are adding these new commodities to their investment portfolio. Below is the first NFT drop from experimental artist, Clinton Freeman.

How do I buy one?

Like other NFTs, you must start with regulated fiat currency first. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all accepted. Send an email to, you’ll want to replace my-first-name with my actual first name (clinton). I’ll send you an invoice for 20USD on stripe.

Sales of NFT #1 are now closed. Edition of 4.

What am I buying?

Not Fucking Tokens. It’s the exciting chance to invest in a new and completely unregulated art market.

Yeah. But what do I actually get?

A unique, procedurally generated ‘map’ of the work Rosetta. Printed on a double sided sheet of A4 paper (102g/m2)… Like what’s in the video. But a personalised variation, think the computer equivalent of a tie-dyed shirt.

How long does it take to mint one of your NFTs?

My printer does 5 pages per minute. It’s double sided, so minting an NFT takes approx. 30 seconds.

When can I touch it?

NFTs ship from Australia. Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.

How do you make your random numbers? Is it flipping a coin or what?

I use the ‘rand’ method in Javascript. The exact implementation varies from platform to platform.

Can I get extra comments with that?

Yes. For $2 extra I will print off and include comments from the original Instagram post.