A photo of an AussieCraft survival kit before it was packed and shipped.

AussieCraft is a homemade tourism program initiated during the COVID pandemic lockdowns. Each survival kit, filled with a carefully curated selection of ‘ready-made’ objects and an accompanying zine, offers an immersive exploration of Australia’s notorious wildlife and the genuine sunburn risks tourists face.

These kits were a creative solution to the travel restrictions, providing recipients with a tangible experience of Far North Queensland’s unique environment and culture. The zine included in each kit provides insights and stories about Australian wildlife and safety tips, blending education with a touch of humour.

An edition of fifteen survival kits was distributed worldwide, allowing people to experience Far North Queensland from the comfort of their homes when Australia was effectively closed to international tourists.

A photo of AussieCaft knobby thongs being worn in Candian snow.
A photo of an airplane sized bottle of bundy being inspected by a swedish cat.
A photo of AussieCraft knobby thongs being worn next to a danish fire pit
A photo of AussieCraft knobby thong being worn next to a Tom Sachs, Nike Mars Yard.


  • Survial items and zine.
  • 12 colour pages.


  • Survival Kits - limited edition of 15.
  • Zine - open




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