Thank god it’s that time of the week where you can devote yourself to the projects that matter the most. For sculptor Tom Sachs that starts on a Monday – TGIM.

Vantablack is a paint that was developed by Surrey NanoSystems, it’s got electrolytes or aligned nanotubes or whatever that make it the “blackest black”. It’s pretty cool stuff and reflects almost no light. Apparently, it’s like looking into a blank void… Then an artist came along and brought up the exclusive rights for the use of Vantablack in art. I know right? What a party pooper.

I like to imagine that Fantablack is dedicated to all the other garage projects that aspire to create a blackhole in a bottle. Like Applied Science on YouTube and BLK3.0 on Kickstarter. It’s this sort of devotion to curiosity that combines skills in just the right way to create homemade space programs and swiss passport offices.

Picture of the painting Fanta Black by Tom Sachs.

Photo: Acquavella Galleries

Originally written for the Sachsian Syndicate.


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