Cartoon heroes caught in a series of precarious circumstances are projected in front of an audience of innocent bystanders. As the clock ticks down, our heroes face certain danger. But tragedy can be avoided!

With a simple text message, you can be part of the solution. But it will take a few of you. If witnesses can rally enough people to participate in time, the hero can be saved. The question is… Can anyone be bothered?

I built the SMS voting system that interacted with video control software via OSC commands. Integrating with the Twilio Telephony API, my software triggered sound and video cues within QLab whenever the performance received a SMS.


  • 2020/09/04 – 2020/09/19, Brisbane Festival. Brisbane (AU)
  • 2020/08/06 – 2020/08/16, Darwin Festival. Darwin (AU)
A photo of a cartoon style peril projected onto the side of the old Peters Ice Cream Factory in West End.
A photo of two women voting on smart phones to save a cartoon character from an avoidable peril.


  • 10-15 minutes.



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