Picture of a filing cabinet inspired by Jean Prouvé and Tom Sachs.

I got my old filing cabinet from this awesome office seconds place in Brisbane, it only cost $15 or something like that. However, the more we moved house, the more I loathed the bloody thing. The drawer slides had started to stick and squeal, plus it was big and bulky.

Building this replacement ended up being the perfect lockdown project. I had been looking for an excuse to experiment with rabbet joinery and it looked like I already had all the supplies I needed in the workshop: Caster wheels, plywood, paint, even the drawer slides (well almost, I had to order one extra set online – but that was the only thing, all the other materials I could scrounge at home).

The design of this unit has been heavily influenced by Jean Prouvé and Tom Sachs.

A close-up photo of Jean Prouvé inspired holes in the side of a bookcase.
A photo of Tom Sachs inspired filing drawer in the open position.




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