Picture of a study desk inspired by De Stijl, Mondrian and Sachs.

When I was a kid, my primary school had a single Apple IIe computer. It lived on a cart so that it could travel from class to class. It would spend a couple of weeks in our classroom before moving onto the next.

Sheesh. That sounds a bit like one of those “back in my day” stories; the ones where our parents would trudge fifty miles in the snow to get to school. But I didn’t mean it that way – the timeshare computer cart was cool. It was the thing that introduced me to turtle graphics and the LOGO programming language (also cool).

That nostalgic introduction is the reason why I built our study desk – the home of our communal computer – with wheels. It too gets rolled around the place, to spread the love of all things enabled by a desktop computer. Out into the living area for social isolation yoga and back into a corner for focused study.

The other influences are worn on its sleeve: De Stijl, Mondrian and Sachs.




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