Current events have left many of us with our legs dangling over the existential abyss. Issue Two of Analogues Anonymous offers relief for this uncomfortable predicament with a certificate that validates the recipient’s existence as 100% authentic.

Locked away in a secure, and appropriately distanced ‘Antisocial Network’, is the catalogue of 100% sentient compatible beings. A support hotline offers certificate holders the opportunity to have their existence fully verified against the Antisocial Network. This verification offers the highest level of reassurance in even the direst existential emergency.

A picture of the lockbox that contains the antisocial-network.
A picture of the cover of issue two of analogues anonymous.
A picture of a certificate of existence.


Issue Two of Analogues Anonymous:

  • Eight A5 pages
  • One certificate of existence

Antisocial Network:

  • 350 x 245 x 45mm



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