Oof. I spent much of 2019 in a daze like Schrödinger’s dad, neither asleep nor awake until observed by the baby. I slowly slipped further behind until somewhere around the middle of the year I realised that I had gotten so time poor, I was chronologically bankrupt.

I had gotten myself into a situation where I would say yes to a project and that would commit me to an unknown chunk of time some months in the future. I guess I would have a rough idea of what I was getting myself into, but it always took longer than expected. Oh and on the other side of the equation I had fewer and fewer hours to work as dad duties soaked up more of my time.

In the end I fell pretty short of my aspirations for 2019, especially when it came to writing articles for this place.

Completed 2019 progress chart.

I put myself on a payment program and have been saying no to any consulting stuff for 2020. It’s been a relief to round off existing commitments and slowly chip away at that ball of time debt I had clocked up. Slowly things are righting themselves and I only hope that I can carve out a consistent chunk of time to work in 2020.

In the process of tidying up these existing commitments, I managed to finish off the ‘things’ that have been rolling over from one yearly plan to the next since 2017. The LEGO Falcon 9 & SpaceX Barge. Part of completing these projects was setting up my online convenience store, I definitely should have that up years ago. But the best part of clearing out the backlog of ‘things’ is four brand new ideas that I want to create in 2020.

I have one big curiosity that is getting rolled over again. I have wanted to build this thing for the last two years. Come on 2020. Be the year I get it done. All in all, I’m aiming to complete:

One curiosity, four things, zero collaborations and 28 articles.

Exercise went way better this year, no injuries and just before declaring chronological bankruptcy I was making some great progress, but things got wobbly as time pressures made it difficult to carve out running time. Hit 629km for the year. I’m going to aim for 1000km again in 2020.

Completed 2019 running shoe.


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