Picture of the flipside circus troupe performing Statum at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Developed in conjunction with Flipside Circus and the transmedia collective ‘Counterpilot’, I created theatrical heart rate monitors and pedometers. My custom-built hardware was incorporated into a series of techno-circus experiments. Statum explored the interplay between human bodies and technology – audiences are invited to inhabit performer’s bodies, analyse their heart rate, and explore the interplay between acrobats.


  • 2019/10/17 - 2019/10/27, Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane (AU)
A photo of a circus performer wearing a theatrical heart rate monitor.
A photo of a theatrical pedometer being test fitted on an arm.
A photo of a completed theatrical pedometer.
A photo of a completed theatrical heart rate monitor.


  • 60 minutes.

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  • Directed by: Nathan Sibthorpe and Robert Kronk
  • Performers: Mia Hughes, Tula Homes, Zebedee Davies, Eden Vann, Oscar Morris, Indra Garvey, Samantha Giles, Cassidy Burke, Lucy Hunterland, Aurora Bennett-Godde.
  • Production manager: Jeremy Gordon
  • Technical Design by: Christine & John Felmingham
  • Sound Design by: Mike Willmett
  • Design Consultant: Sarah Winter
  • Software Design by: Clinton Freeman
  • Associate artists: Kelsey Booth
  • Some Photos by: Flipside


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