I developed a fully functional polygraph machine as part of my work within the transmedia collective ‘Counterpilot’. Custom software inferred a lie likelihood from biometric stress markers obtained from three different sensors. My custom built hardware broadcasted OSC messages that were used to dynamically alter the audio and visual environment of the performance. Truth Machine explored truth in a world of fake news and alternative facts.


  • 2019/02/19 - 2019/03/02, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide (AU)
  • 2019/08/26 - 2019/08/27, Horizon Festival, Caloundra (AU)
  • 2019/09/10 - 2019/09/21, Brisbane Festival, Brisbane (AU)
  • 2019/09/22 - 2019/09/29, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne (AU)
  • 2020/01/11 - 2020/01/24, SydFest 2020, Sydney (AU)

A photo of participants listening to the indroduction of Truth Machine.
A participant wired up to truth machine's polygraph.
The custom polygraph machine developed for truthmachine.


  • 20 minutes.

Source Code:



  • 2019/04/08 - Switched to standard project template
  • 2019/09/27 - Added more seasons.


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