Last year got off to a good start, the new workshop was epic and we built some great things together. But the second half of the year? I fell into a bit of a funk. Mostly because we had to move house. Again. Which was pretty depressing, we had barely moved in and I really loved the workshop at the old place. But the landlord wanted to move in, so we had to go. Sigh. It took a lot of effort to find a new place, but we are all here now and it’s quite nice.

Me and the new workshop are starting to get to know each other pretty well, and I think things are getting serious. I think we might be going steady soon.

Despite the disruption to the second half, I think 2018 was the most prolific since I embarked on the monastic engineering experience. There were a few chops and changes along the way and you will notice a couple of items redacted, those are things I’m still working on.

Completed 2018 progress chart.

The biggest change was that whole product category, it wasn’t the right word and ended up being a lame attempt to legitimise what I do by trying to sprinkle some commerce on top. Right at the end of December when I had a crack at making a zine, it all sort of clicked into place. The ‘Products’ I have are just physical embodiments of thoughts that are freely distributed on this website. They are just things - yeah they have a cost, because plastic and paper are more expensive than a website to transport around the world. But I’m OK with that. Because if you happen to be sensitive to cost and really motivated, they are also the sort of thing you could recreate at home from information shared here.

The fact that these things have a cost is also an important factor when I give them away as gifts. I’m kind of hoping that it makes them more likely to be cherished by the recipients. Hey, this wacky thing that appeared in the post one day? That’s just my way of saying thanks.

The zine that helped me figure this relationship out? Issue #1 of analogues anonymous is now in print. It’s an edition of twenty copies, and at the time of writing I only have a couple left. It is 36 colour pages and contains detailed photos, schematics and diagrams covering the projects of 2018. $10 will get you of these puppies shipped to you. All proceeds are going towards the spiritual successor to Marsarium 9, just fling me an email, or use the start discussion link below.

The front cover

Speaking of spiritual successors, I’m feeling excited about the plan for 2019, again it’s pretty aspirational I’m going to be aiming for:

Two curiosities, three things, four collaborations and 28 articles.

My running last year went better, not great. But much better than 2017. But for this year I have reshaped my goal a bit. I’m going to be aiming to run (in my best Dr Evil voice) 1000 kilometers. I have a little checkbox chart for that and everything as well now.


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