I developed an interactive tabletop voting system as part of my work within the transmedia collective ‘Counterpilot’. Hidden within the table were a series of 36 custom built RFID sensors, three for each place setting. When these sensors detected a voting token above, OSC messages were sent to a central computer that would tally the common vote. Using a dinner party as a metaphor, Crunch Time is a performantive dinner party modelled on the democratic process. A guest chef prepares real food in response to ingredients voted on by a party of twelve.


  • 2018/12/05 - 2018/12/15, Metro Arts. Norman Price Theatre, Brisbane (AU).
  • 2018/05/03 - 2018/05/12, Next Wave Festival. Darebin Entertainment Centre, Melbourne (AU).

People sitting an interactive table for casting incredient votes.
Milling circuit boards for crunchtime sensors.
Milled circuit boards.
36 RFID sensors assembled for crunchtime.
Custom RFID sensor mounted on.


  • 2.5 hours.

Source Code:



  • 2019/04/04 - Added video and summary.
  • 2019/04/08 - Switched to standard project template


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