I developed SMS ‘switchboard’ software as part of my work within the transmedia collective ‘Counterpilot’. This switchboard software enabled operators to have about 100 simultaneous SMS conversations with participants within the audience. I used the Twilio API to communicate with the short message service, and a decision tree was used to structure the narrative of a character that they only ‘saw’ as SMS messages.


  • 2017/11/07 - 2017/11/18, Metro Arts. Sue Benner Theatre, Brisbane (AU)


  • 2 hours.

Source Code:


  • Writer & Director: Nathan Sibthorpe
  • Sound designer: Mike Willmett
  • Production Designer: Sarah Winter
  • Lighting Designer: Christine Felmingham
  • Software Design: Clinton Freeman
  • Contraption Designer: John Felmingham
  • Film Producers: Optikal Bloc
  • Dramaturg: Benjamin Knapton
  • Additional Contributions: Sandra Carluccio
  • Live Cast: Toby Martin, Cam Clark, Elise Greig & Brad Haseman
  • Voice actors: Hugh Parker, Anna McGahan, Lucas Stibbard, Veronica Neave & Lauren Jackson.


  • 2019/04/08 - Switched to standard project template


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