Opera is an over-engineered manhole cover. Software on a Raspberry Pi reads audio data from a Behringer C-2 microphone, which is passed into a fast fourier transform and used to generate a lighting sequence based on the audio data.


  • 2016/08/06 - 2016/10/01, eight-by-ten. KickArts Contemporary Arts, Cairns(AU).
Sound reactive manhole cover.
Wiring and assembling the manhole cover.
LUXEON Rebel lumileds (warm white) mounted on aluminium heatsinks.
Behringer C2 microphone mounted in a wooden stocks.
Custom cicruit for connecting meanwell LED drivers to Adafruit 16-channel PWM driver.


  • 1050 x 820 x 300mm



  • 2019/04/08 - Switched to standard project template


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