Whoops. Fell of the documentation wagon for a little there, it seemed like the only way I could land some of my coveted create stickers.


A Doozer from Fraggle rock Sticker.  Astro from the Jetsons sticker.

Finally! Not one, BUT TWO create stickers, one each for August and September. My performance would be enough to make any HR manager rub their hands with glee. ‘Yes. Excelent. All these forms ARE allowing you achieve your full potential’. Scoring all the stickers in a month always seems possible, but ends up just outside my grasp. Oh and there is nothing that will put me in a worse mood than feeling like I have squandered a day. The opposite is also true, nothing picks me up more than a productive day at the computer or in the workshop. If I get to the end of a day exhausted, you will still find me grinning content.

In August I drifted off on a tangent and created analogue.js. It simulates the output of mechanical typewriters on webpages. I was shooting for a digital embodiment of some of Tom Sachs' and Van Neistat’s analogue ethos. So it seemed fitting that I test out analogue.js by porting the museum over to it. I also created a reinterpretation of Tom Sachs' Ten Bullets microsite.

In September I made a floor lamp, book case, beside table and charging station thing. I followed style ideas and techniques from the short film ‘Love Letter To Plywood’. Sachs' idea of painting the plywood first and displaying all the construction ‘scars’ was a challenge. It forces a slow and methodical thought process along with a considerable amount of care. Removing the ‘Ahh, I will just paint over that mistake’ crutch was rewarding. The experience reminded me a lot of some of my forays into Haskell.

Plywood floor lamp.

Two create stickers. Exhausted, but grinning.


No sticker.  No sticker.

Still chipping away at a pretty great read.


Wile E. Coyote Sticker.  No sticker.

Missed my September kilometre quota by 2.2kms. But still managed to clock up 100.8kms for August and September combined. It is going to be a long hot slog to the finish line.

Laser cut fish from a stainless steel sheet. Installed near Cairns marina.
A photo across the fields outside Numurkah, Victoria.


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