Well that was a flat month. A load of distraction to scare off focus. The chuck on my cordless drill jammed right in the middle of the month and was off on repairs for a whole week. It dragged me into a bit of a funk. Every time I would look around and say ‘I know! I will…’ I ended up blocked by not being able to drill something. Still. I managed to pop out the other side with a pipeline full of work for August.


No sticker.

I wanted to finish the setup of my workshop this month. I came really close, but I just have a couple of details I want to finish off before declaring it done. However I did restore and upgrade my workbench. I am surprised by the improvement it has made to the whole workshop. At the end of July, the workshop it officially became my ‘happy place’. It reminds me of that scene in Fight Club with the penguin, you know. The narrators power animal? Damn. I need a power animal. My workshop needs a power animal.

Before and after shots of my workbench improvements.

The old workbench got some strengthening, plywood drawers and stainless steel slides. All my hand tools are now organised in some tough cases from Dewalt. They are watertight, ideal for stopping my tools from rusting in the tropical humidity. I added a plywood shadow board for all my consumables and lighting. It is so nice to finally be able to get at what I need without rummaging for 10 minutes through various milk crates.

Workbench with draw slid open and toolbox open.

In the end I spent a week designing, planning and ordering for future projects. Plus cranked out improvements to TriggerTracker for the upcoming show at the Brisbane Powerhouse.


No sticker.

Distractions struck here too. Spent my research time diving down a whole new alley in my influences chart.


Bananaman sticker.

Back on track this month, clocking in 71.3 kms. For a couple of weeks there was a new super yacht moored in the marina, ‘Serenity’. Each time I ran past, I imagined it belonged to Joss Whedon and that he was hiding inside writing a second season to Firefly.

Super Yacht Serenity moored at the Cairns Marina.


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