What I am noticing, no matter how much I do in a month, I’m always unhappy with my ‘create’ progress. I’m not exactly sure why that is the case. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m behind? Maybe it’s because my projects list grows faster than I can create them? Maybe I feel guilty when I don’t have the stamina to concentrate on my monastic goals for a solid eight hours? Whatever the case, I haven’t felt as though I have earned my monthly ‘create sticker’. I hope come the end of the year I manage to land one of those coveted suckers.


No sticker.

This month was pretty quiet, and was a purely digital month. I didn’t build anything physical, but did get a circular saw for turning plywood into sawdust. Pretty excited, it should speed things up, especially for a couple of bigger projects I have in the pipeline. Instead, this month I blew the dust off a couple of software projects.

  • Signalbox - An experimental signalling server for WebRTC.
  • TriggerTracker - Site specific theatre software for mobile devices.

The vast majority of my time went into TriggerTracker. Sandra Carluccio and her production company Counterpilot are developing an interesting little science fiction work that takes place around the Brisbane Powerhouse. I had a fair chunk of code to write for our first rehearsal that happened last weekend. It went well, it was great to have time to properly test the work. Sometimes it can be a feverish last minute process. Having another couple of months for refinement and polish will make a huge difference.

Interested in how Science Fiction, smartphones and iBeacons blend into a theatre experience? Tickets are on sale now.


No sticker.

Somewhat ambitiously, I picked a crazy long book. Haven’t finished it yet, I need to set aside more time and headspace for reading.


Gummi Bears Sticker.

Missed a couple of runs this month due to a bung knee, but still managed to hit my distance goal for the month (just - 52km).

Photo of the Cairns cruise ship terminal.


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