My parents came and visited for a couple of weeks in May. It was great, we spent a heap of time hanging out and exploring around Cairns.


No sticker.

Over the last couple of months I have been digging around the works of Tom Sachs and Van Neistat. I wrote a couple of fan letters as a way of better understanding their work. While studying Van Neistat’s work I found myself wondering “Where in the world is Van Neistat?”. In recent years he has become a digital ghost. I had been toying with the idea of a long post that lined all the bread crumbs up, making it easier for others to answer a similar question. Then in the comments to my fan letter, Van replied to my fan letter, and I found a lot more people wondering the same question. So I decided to go the whole hog and created a digital museum.

Oh alright. I guess that is just a millienal way of saying I created an old school GeoCities fan site.

I also knocked up a better solution for our outdoor shoe storage. The heavy rains up here were flooding our shoes on occasion. We also needed a better place for storing our big arse tropical strength golf umbrellas.

Finally finished up the second half of the third curiosity. A sunrise / sunset simulator light system thing for my aqarium. The planted aquarium has become a bit of a full time hobby. Between snail outbreaks and algae blooms, our poor plants have been struggling. Hopefully I’m starting to get on top of it now.

Writing was weak, so no sticker this month. Working on the didactics for the Van Neistat museum soaked up most of my writing juju this month. I completed only one article.


Mr Magoo Sticker.

Four Colours Suffice: How the Map Problem Was Solved - Robin Wilson

Tells the story of how a long standing mathematical problem was solved.

Can every map be coloured with at most four colours in such a way that neighbouring countries are coloured differently?

In many ways I found the history of the four colour problem more interesting than the proof itself. Especially the rise of computing within mathematics and how computers powered the solution. I also enjoyed the little stories behind famous mathematicians such as Euler and Möbius.


Atom Ant sticker.

Went to Cape Tribulation for a weekend. I love that place. Light drizzly rain and Gomez set the mood for a super fun evening run. Clocked up 78.8km for the month and I am almost back on track for my yearly goal.

Photo along the beach north from Cape Tribulation.
Photo along a jungle path crossing Cape Tribulation.


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