I wanted a fairly quiet aquarium filter for a small planted tank I was setting up. The tank is decently planted, and has a low stock of fish. Noise of the filter was more of a concern than surface agitation and water oxygen levels.

A 3D printed filter installed on an aquarium.

I have been running this filter for five weeks now, and fish have lived with it for three. All are happy so far.

To build this project you will need:

In addition to the 3D printed parts, you will also need:


After you have printed the parts, pack your filter. I packed mine with carbon first, then zeolite in the supplied mesh bag and topped it off with cotton wool. Screw the lid in place with four stainless steel screws. Feed a cable tie though the slot on the filter body, and sling it around the filter (as shown below). Use two cable ties if you need a bit of extra length. Finally Snip excess cable tie and install in your tank.



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