It seems as though every other day, breaking news on 3D printing pops up in a mainstream article somewhere in the world. So what are the best places to keep track of everything that is happening in the 3D printing space?


3ders is a traditional blog that covers the latest 3D printing news and developments. They have been around for a while, and grew an early audience by maintaining three excellent lists: 3D printer price compare, Top 100 websites in 3D printing world and Price compare - 3D printing materials.


Unsurprisingly, Twitter is also a great source of up to the minute announcements of what is happening in the 3D printing space. You can follow one of the many aggregator accounts for 3D printing news, with my current favourite being @3dPrint_news. Which is a well curated tweet stream, featuring about 10 high quality links / tweets a day. If that isn’t current enough, you can always do a twitter search for ‘#3Dprinting


The social news site, Reddit has an excellent subreddit on 3D printing. The moderators have managed to foster a very friendly environment for newcomers and seasoned experts. You will find the best news articles, coolest content for your 3D printer and no shortage of help on how to get started with your own 3D printer on the 3D printing subreddit.


For the very latest improvements in the open source RepRap project, you really can’t go past the IRC #reprap channel. It is always full of avid RepRap developers and enthusiasts. Plus the #reprap community have feed a little bot that lives in the channel with a whole bunch answers to common questions. Just type in something that ends in a question mark, and if the bot, kthx knows the answer he will automatically reply. You can try stuff like ‘abs?’ and ‘botqueue?’.


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