In the lead up to the first Rise of the Machines workshop, I had 15 robot kits I needed to pre-print. However, I was getting a little bit stressed because, for the life of me I couldn’t get my heated build platform above 50°C. It was taking ages to heat up, and when it got close to 50°C the power to the heated build platform (HPB) would cut out, and refuse to switch on again.

It turns out that the thermistor measuring the temperature for the HPB had dropped out a little, and wasn’t making good contact with the glass printing surface. Bit of a repair job had that sorted out, but I still couldn’t get the temperature much above 50°C. I was double checking the wiring of everything when I accidentally brushed up against the large yellow fuse, it was way hotter than the build platform! So a few moments later I had a cooling fan blowing sweet breezes over my electronics and I was back in business, pumping out little robot critters.

A photo of a computer fan blowing a breeze onto a RAMPS1.4 thermal fuse


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